What is jealousy?

"Jealousy is a mental factor that, out of attachment to respect and material gain, is unable to bear the good things that others have.

"Joy is a mental state in which we rejoice when others have good qualities, opportunities, talents, material possessions, respect, love, and so on.

What are the disadvantages of jealousy?

1. "We are unhappy and in turmoil and may not be able to sleep well.

2. "Our own good qualities are exhausted.

3. "We become fearful because someone else may get what we want.

4. "Jealousy destroys cherished friendships.

5. "It makes us look foolish in the eyes of those we respect.

6. "Under its influence, we plot how to destroy others' happiness and, in the process, lose our own self-respect.

7. "We slander, gossip, and speak badly of others.

8. "We harm others and hurt their feelings.

9. "We create negative karma, bringing more problems in future lives.

10. "Jealousy destroys our virtue, thereby preventing us from receiving worldly and Dharma happiness.

What are its antidotes?

1. "Remember the disadvantages of jealousy and the advantages of abandoning it. Jealousy only harms us.

2. "Rejoice at the good fortune and qualities of others. By doing so, our mind becomes happy and we create great positive potential.

3. "If the things we are jealous about are worldly objects (money, possessions, beauty, worldly knowledge, power, reputation, strength, talents, etc.), remember they bring us no ultimate happiness anyway. If they are Dharma qualities and virtues in others, remember that by others having them, we will benefit because these people will help us and all others.

4. "Recall that we often say, 'How wonderful it would be if others had happiness. I will work for the benefit of others.' Now someone else is happy and we didn't even have to lift a finger to bring it about. So why begrudge him this happiness? This is especially true if it is only temporary, worldly happiness.

5. "Jealousy does not give us what we desire. For example, whether our rival gets some money or not, it does not change the fact that we do not have it.

6. "If we were the best and most talented, the world would be in sad shape because we are ignorant of so many things. Thus, it's good that others are more knowledgeable and capable than we are because we can benefit from what they do and can learn from them."