"Enthusiasm is from the Greek entheos, which means 'God in us.' What does it mean to say that God is 'in' us? It means that we have inherited the qualities of our Source; they are part and parcel of our innate being. Who wouldn't be enthusiastic about having a birthright of unconditional love, bliss, compassion, intelligence, happiness, wisdom, joy, creativity, clarity, wholeness, opulence? Enthusiasm enables us to choose to go with the flow of life including all of its challenges, blessings, and open-ended opportunities with full confidence that each circumstance is intended to accelerate our evolution.

"This very moment you may become enthusiastic about the infinite possibilities that lie before you, and especially those that lie within you. When we are enthusiastic we move with an affirmative energy that propels us to skillfully and joyously meet all that comes into our experience. We explore the life-lessons in our experiences, welcome them, and take them to heart. Enthusiasm is not something you have to create; it is an organic quality of your consciousness. You have only to invite it forth, to let it arise from within you and let it fuel your endeavors, your creative expressions, and your interactions with others. Enthusiasm will put the smile of the Buddha upon your face."