"An older person in a state of true contentment is to be envied beyond all others."

"There is something indescribably beautiful about a life near completion that is incandescent and shines bright. We can see in the eyes of such a person innocence and maturity, awareness and forgiveness. It's almost as if the life were exposed as, say the trunk of a giant redwood tree, it's course marked by cylindrical cycles.

"To be in the presence of such a person seems a blessing. Each word, every gesture, holds meanings. There are mysteries to be unraveled here, secrets told, wisdom extracted. Time seems to stand still or else move very, very slowly; it is no longer in control. Silences communicate volumes. Fully here, we're also in another country, another realm. We feel life itself is about to be explained after the next breath, the next moment.

"Whom would I consider my elders? Today, I'm going to look out for contentment in someone older. I'll think about what would bring contentment in my life."