"Fear is a psychic tyrant that has no intention of letting its slave go free. It will say whatever it needs to say to confuse your thinking and pervert your appetites. It will always seek to preserve itself, and it doesn't mind your being spiritual or religious as long as you don't actually apply it to your life too much. It doesn't mind your going to church, as long as you are fat and going to church. You are to do what it says, how and when it says to do it. And nothing — not your best intentions, your willpower, or your self-discipline — has the power to overrule its authority. Only God does.

"Let us increase your faith in that.

The work of this lesson is to build an altar to the Divine. You will build a spiritual altar in your heart, and a physical altar in your home.

"Fear already has an altar — it's called your kitchen. It has cabinets and a refrigerator, drawers of packaged goods, and forks and knives and spoons. It has all those things, plus counters, a sink, and more. It is the headquarters for many of your fears.

"Let us now establish another headquarters: a headquarters for love.

"With this lesson, your assignment is to create a place in your home that will remind you of that love, not fear, is the true power in your life. Every time you visit your altar, it will fortify love's power in your mind. And the more love fills your mind, the more miracles will fill your life."