Can We Handle the Truth?

"Mr. A. always says it's not what you find out, it's what you do with what you find out. It's not people wanting truth, it's people not able to face it and lying instead. It's not even wanting to solve a problem for someone else, it's trying to find yourself."
— Liz Parker, A Confidential Agent

"Exploring truth is one of those topics that mystery stories explore again and again. Murder; blackmail, swindles, and extortion are all presented to us in the interesting form of mental puzzles. Can we solve the whodunits before the detective? Can we solve them at all? Inevitably what is found in sifting through motives, clues, and suspects are people who are not adjusted to reality, who can't face truth and will do anything to maintain their dreams.

"This isn't confined to mysteries, naturally. It forms a great part of conflict in the world. Country versus country, group versus group, even, sadly, friend versus friend. We are much more addicted to our own views than to giving up that bit of our identities and trying to truly find ourselves.

"The definition of true humility is to see clearly where we fail and where we succeed. Humility is asking for God's grace to make up for our deficiencies and acknowledging his good in bestowing our talents. In true humility there is no mystery."