Healing Exercises for the Fourth Chakra

"The following exercises are for the fourth chakra and all the organs and systems it governs. They will help you learn how to receive, become neutral, and expand to higher vibrational chakras to speak your truth, become a multisensory being, and connect to source energy.

One-Minute Balance

"This simple exercise helps reduce anxiety and quickly balances the fourth chakra by aligning it with universal love. Use several fingers to gently tap your mid-sternum for one minute. This exercise activates the thymus gland, which plays an important role in balancing our immune system, increasing energy levels, and improving blood circulation. (If your stress is highly elevated, tap for several minutes.)

Receiving Energy

"The back of the fourth chakra is between the shoulder blades. This area of the body has the highest receptivity to energy. To balance the heart chakra, you can visualize or feel energy moving into your back at least five times a day. For example, you could visualize a large flock of birds flying into your back, hear or feel warm rain moving into your back, or hear a wonderful melody vibrating and filling up the heart chakra.

"A great way to practice receiving love is to stand in the shower with your back facing the spray of water.

"People who can most benefit from this exercise often tend to forget to do it. A great way to remember is to pay attention when others acknowledge you in a positive way — perhaps when someone says, 'Thank you!' or 'Cute shirt!' or 'Have a great day!' Let these moments of kindness remind you to receive through the heart chakra.

"Once you get the hang of this exercise, it's important to feel the act of receiving, which can often be an enormously moving experience."