"We maintain nonharming by noticing when we get caught up. Noticing when we get caught up is the opportunity of experiencing, the opportunity to be this moment. My teacher Joko Beck had an expression: 'Stop and pop.' 'Stop' is noticing being caught up in or holding to emotion-thought; noticing is the 'stop' of the moment. Then you 'pop' into this moment, or open as this body-mind moment. Having a nice phrase like this is of value when it leads to our practice effort of this moment. Zazen is that opportunity for all of us sitting here; zazen is an opportunity to nurture life, to inhabit this compassionate life that we are, being just this moment.

"I bring this up to encourage us in our practice effort, whether during formal sitting, walking, or working, whatever we are doing throughout our everyday life. Clarifying what we do, this is the opportunity of being together; this is the opportunity to embody this life that we are, this moment. In the dwelling place of Buddhas, you meet only Buddhas. Just turn the wheel of Dharma and nurture precepts from morning to night."