"It is a difficult moment when you realize that someone who raised you, cared for you, cheered for you, stood by you in moments both large and small in your life, someone who once seemed to hold the whole world in her hands now does not know the day of the week, cannot make a list, or any of the other little things it takes to manage her life.

"You have to learn to be realistic about finding new ways to be with her and to care for her. Even when all of us want it to be like it was before. Even when she wants to pretend that all of this is temporary. Even when she says she is going to take her medicines and do her exercises and then she will be able to go home. Even when Sundays are 'so quiet.'

"She is already home in some ways now, or as close to home yesterday as she will ever be again. Tomorrow she will be further away from the home she remembers and for which she longs.

"Some of the first steps we took to move Miss Peggy were the hardest ones for us. We can only imagine how difficult they must have been for her.

"These days, we take no small comfort in the courage she showed all the way along to her new place. We take no small consolation knowing we did everything we could to make her safe, give her a home."