"Tai chi sets a very high philosophical and physical standard. While some martial arts are all about fighting in a cage in front of screaming fans or about surviving a firefight in a far-off land, tai chi trains us to flow in the face of whatever life dishes out. Moving like water and curating a mind empty yet pregnant with infinite possibility, tai chi may lead us to respond to an irate driver by buying his coffee, answer the gentle lover with our own brand of comfort, meet speed with what appears to be slowness but is actually perfectly anticipated positioning, and counter brightness with shadow at just the right angle to bring out all available intricacy and depth.

"Tai chi is the perfect exercise because it creates harmony in the mindbody. It teaches spontaneity over strategy, suppleness over rigidity, joy over expectation, and acceptance over judgment. It trains us to go higher when our opponent goes up, lower when he goes down. The wuji mind challenges the event-based view of the universe Western science has given us, allowing us to see hurricanes, wars, plagues, flood, break-ups, firings, and punches not as isolated constructs of human experience, but as expressions of cycles in a dynamic, ever-changing world. It helps us to respond to such events without attachment or striving, without much effort but with maximal efficiency and effect. Tai chi practice, physically nuanced and mentally profound, trains us to balance the yin and the yang forces in every moment of every day, and in doing so create our own harmonious world."