David Kundtz is an author, speaker, and licensed psychotherapist who offers seminars on spiritually based stress management and emotional health for the helping professions. In this salutary paperback, Kundtz offers a series of reflective essays on ways to cope with the demands of an accelerated world and a too busy life.

The author heralds "quiet mind" as an antidote to the stress, pressure, and deadlines of the work world. Kundtz bases his suggestions on the practice of Stopping -- doing nothing for as briefly as a minute or as long as a month – for the purpose of "becoming more fully awake and remembering who you are." He lays out Stillpoints as the frequent momentary pauses in our days and Stopovers and Grinding Halts as opportunities to slow down.

Quiet Mind is divided into 14 thematic sections which offer a rich and rounded view of one-minute retreats. For example, in "Finding Your Balance," Kundtz ponders the goal of embracing life just as it really is, the art of finding serenity while mowing the lawn, the challenge of stopping to smell the roses, noticing things just by walking down the street, simplifying prayer, the need to keep looking on the bright side of life, curbing forgetfulness, taking a stress-free rest, making the most of the connections between the mind and the body, and the downside of an accelerated life.

Kundtz not only is a gifted essay writer but is equally talented in the ability to spice up his writing with excellent quotations.