"The Zen of Seeing is a way from half-sleep, to full awakening. Suddenly there is the miracle of being really alive with all the senses functioning:

" 'How wondrously strange and miraculous:
I draw water, I carry fuel'
Hokoji, Eighth Century

"How wondrously strange and miraculous: I SEE! I see a lettuce! I see you! The night century Zen master Siubi was asked: 'What is the secret of Zen?'

" 'Come back when there is nobody around and I shall tell you.' The inquirer returned. Siubi took him to a bamboo grove, pointed at the bamboos and said:

" 'See how long these are. See how short these are!' Suddenly the questioner SAW, 'had a flash of awakening.' What did he see? He had a revelation of sheer existence. Where there is revelation, explanation becomes superfluous. Curiosity is dissolved in wonder."

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