Generosity: Nurturing The Self

"Generosity is the completion of the cycle of hospitality. It is made up of our actions toward those whom we are welcoming — an outflow of physical, spiritual, and emotional care and nurture. Generosity involves giving a little bit more than we think we can, but in hospitality to the self this doesn't mean giving it away. This is the paradox of offering 'out' to the inner self — generosity in this case means deeply taking in the nurturance that will make us whole. This is how we offer the generosity of hospitality to the self.

"While this nurturance often comes through specifically spiritual practices such as prayer or mantra repetition, meditation or chanting and singing, it also comes through very physical, practical practices. Generosity is based on the outward actions we take toward ourselves and others. Being generous toward ourselves in a physical way — by honoring our bodies and taking care of them — is a wonderful way to bring the practice of hospitality to ourselves full circle and revere the holy in us."