"When we courageously confront the past we discover how much we have gained from apparent losses. Once we get past our anxiety, we glory in the hidden benefits that accrue from what we took to be painful failures."
— Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Many of us have courageously and continuously confronted past events and relationships that have left us dispirited. Unaddressed, they can prevent us from reaching our full potential. It is within our capacity to reframe hurts that have affected us for many years, so that they no longer have such a hold on us.

This e-course is a collaborative venture with Sage-ing International to guide us on a restorative, enlivening journey. It consists of 12 emails that you can schedule at a pace that suits your needs. Each email provides reflective tools and support for focusing on such topics as:

- The role of life review
- Reframing the past with current wisdom
- What to do about regrets
- Forgiving self and others
- Healing painful memories and relationships

The course also includes a video on the process of life review.

Our Presenters

Joanne Turnbull is delighted to be co-facilitating her third S&P e-course in collaboration with Sage-ing International (see "Also Recommended"). She is a Certified Sage-ing Leader and has worked as a family therapist, teacher, researcher, and administrator. She is Executive Director Emerita of the National Patient Safety Foundation and founded Your Write Mind, a community where people explore their authentic, creative voice in order to tell their stories. She has numerous publications and co-authored To Do No Harm: Ensuring Patient Safety in Healthcare Organizations.

Marilyn Loy Every holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Wisdom Studies with a focus on aging, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and Master of Science in Audiology. Marilyn is a certified Spiritual Director, and a Sage-ing International Certified Sage-ing Leader. She is also owner of Sagessence, LLC, a company with a mission to develop and facilitate programs that inspire women and men to re-envision aging in the second half of life. Marilyn is author of three books, Women and the Liberating Journey of Aging, Fire in the Well: Poetry for Women Awakening the Inner Sage, and Tending the Fire: Poetry for the Emerging Sage.

Carol Scott-Kassner is a retired university professor and prolific author. She served as President of Sage-ing International and chair of their 2014 conference in Seattle. She now works as a Certified Spiritual Director and as a Certified Sage-ing Leader for Sage-ing International. Combining these two passions of spirituality and aging has brought a gift of deep meaning to Carol in this phase of her life journey.

We hope that you will join us in coming to view life's hurts in a different way, liberating you to flourish and thrive.

(4 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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