In the introduction to the 10th anniversary edition of her classic book for children, God’s Paintbrush, Sandy Eisenberg Sasso writes: “We often tell children that God is everywhere, but our children are not everywhere: they are in a particular time and place in their lives. We need to talk to our children where they are, to allow them to look in God’s mirror and tell us what they see.”

Spirituality & Practice is delighted to have Sandy Eisenberg Sasso offer a three-hour e-workshop recorded via Zoom about how adults can help children grow spiritually. The workshop was originally offered live in March 2024, and it is now available on-demand.

Sasso is Rabbi Emerita of Congregation Beth-el Zedeck in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Founding Director of the Religion, Spirituality, and the Arts Initiative at Indiana University, Indiana. She is the author of many award-winning children's books, endorsed by Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish religious leaders. We have been covering these wonderful titles for thirty years and have found they stimulate our imaginations, expand the language we use to talk about God and all things religious, and encourage us to think in new ways about theological concepts. She is profiled in S&P's Living Spiritual Teachers Project.

Key to Sasso’s approach to children’s spirituality is asking questions to encourage conversation and discovery. As she has welcomed children’s questions, she has welcomed questions brought by adult companions of children. Here are some questions she often receives and will cover in the workshop.

  • What is spirituality and how do children experience it?
  • How can you use story narratives to encourage children’s spirituality?
  • What are some ways to talk about God with children?
  • What everyday activities and metaphors do children often use when asked about God?
  • How can you use ritual to concretize spirituality?
  • What could you learn about your children by having conversations about spirituality?

This e-workshop is designed for parents, grandparents, adult guardians, relatives, teachers, and others who can learn from a better understanding of children’s spirituality. We know we are looking forward to expanding our awareness and appreciation.

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