A Course in Miracles, first published in 1976, is considered by many to be a modern spiritual classic. A profound integration of psychological and spiritual wisdom, it has been viewed as an important contribution to humanity’s awakening by such respected spiritual teachers as Wayne Teasdale and Eckhart Tolle and by transpersonal psychologists like Frances Vaughan and Roger Walsh. One of its core teachings is that all things are lessons:

"This is the lesson God would have you learn:
There is a way to look on everything that lets
it be to you another step to Him . . ."
— A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 193

The Course is not a new religion. It claims to have no corner on the truth, but sees itself as only "one path among thousands" designed to help humanity awaken. Organized as a self-study system to be undertaken with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (our Inner Teacher), the Course has been described as a system of spiritual psychotherapy. The goal of the Course is a depth of inner peace, and the pathway to peace is through forgiveness, the primary spiritual practice of the Course.

Forgiveness is defined in the Course as "the healing of the belief in separation" — from others, from our true nature, and, ultimately, from God. It is, first and foremost, a willingness to look at and release the thoughts of judgment within our own minds that turn others into enemies, and allow our deeper knowing of unity to dawn again in our awareness.

Perhaps the single most powerful statement in the practice of forgiveness as the Course defines it is “I want to see this differently.” In each moment, the Course teaches, we are perceiving through a lens of separation or through a lens of joining, through eyes of fear or through eyes of love. The inner shift from fear to love is what the Course means by a "miracle." When we restore peace in our minds and hearts, we can extend blessing and healing to the world.

This online retreat is led by respected Course teacher Diane Berke on how through such "miracles" all things can become lessons in your life. Diane is Founder and Spiritual Director of One Spirit Learning Alliance and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. A student and teacher of A Course in Miracles for almost 25 years, she is the author of Love Always Answers: Walking the Path of Miracles and The Gentle Smile: Practicing Oneness in Daily Life. A founding member of The Contemplative Alliance of the Global Peace Initiative of Women, she is the 2012 recipient of the Huston Smith Award for Interfaith Education.

You will receive a total of 28 emails, each with an excerpt from A Course in Miracles, a commentary by Diane Berke, and a way to practice the teaching. You will also be able to listen to the one-hour teleconference conducted when this e-course was first presented. Register now to experience something of the power and beauty of this profound spiritual path of healing.

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