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Can't Login
Missing an E-Mail from E-Course
Can't Access Practice Circle
Post Disappeared in Practice Circle
Editing/Deleting a Practice Circle Post
Quoting in the Practice Circle
Sharing Emails or Content
Travelling During E-Course
Still Receiving Promotion for E-Course After Subscribing

If your question is not addressed here and you need more information about our Practice Circles for current e-courses please use the link for "Getting Set Up" included in the receipt email for your e-course.

For detailed instructional videos and information about the Practice Circle:
Navigating and Posting in the Practice Circle
Uploading Photos to the Practice Circle
Changing Your Personal Avatar

If you still can't find the answer to your problem, please write to us at:
Include as much detail as possible, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Can't Login

Make sure you have an account with When we partner with other organizations to do an e-course, if you have an account with them it does not carry over to our site. You must create one for our site.
Go here to do so:

If you have an account and still cannot access it, you may be missing the error message (they appear in a thin magenta bar) letting you know what's wrong. Often, it's a password issue.
You can reset your password here:

Missing an Email

An archive of the emails ("Completed Sessions") is built on your account page as emails are sent for your course. If at any point during the retreat you think you haven't received an email, or if you accidentally delete one, you can get it resent from your account page.

1) Sign in to your account: or if already signed in, click tap "Account" at the top of any page of our site. (Phone users, account options are at the bottom of every page.)

2) Choose "My E-Courses" from the bar tab (Phone/Tablet users tap "Manage Account" for a drop down menu of choices including "My E-Courses) and a list of the courses you have taken will appear.

3) Click/tap on the title of the e-course with the missing email.

4) A list of the emails that have been sent will show. You can read the emails online by clicking the title or have them sent to your inbox again using the resend link on the right.

Can't Access the Practice Circle

(On-Demand E-Courses do NOT have a Practice Circle)

Towards the bottom of your course's email, near the Practice section, there is a direct link to the Practice Circle. It will end in "PC", e.g.

The system will ask you to sign in if you aren't already. Use the email address and the password you used when you signed up for the course. If you received the course as a gift, your password was in the emailed gift announcement. Or you can request a password reminder from the login page.

If you are the only one using your computer, you may want to check the box "Remember Me" so you don't have to sign in every time you want to visit the Practice Circle. NOTE: This feature only works if you do NOT log out but only close your browser window. If you log out, you will need to reenter your email and password. Please use the autofill feature for your web browser to have it remember your log in information.

You can also access a current course's Practice Circle from your account page.
Go to "Account" then "My E-Courses" (for phone and tablet users, this is under "Manage Account") then choose the title of your current course and above "Completed Sessions" a magenta bar will offer a link that says "Discuss this Course in the Practice Circle…"

When a course ends, this link is no longer available on your account page. Please bookmark the link or use one from any of the course's emails to visit the Practice Circle once the course has ended.

Post Disappeared in the Practice Circle

If you think you lost a post, your session could have timed out. Or you may have been in the title box which has a character limit on it. This is easy to do when on a phone or tablet. After writing your title, click in the box below to activate it, You'll know it's active when the icons go from light gray to black.

Phone/Tablet Users:
If you are using a phone or tablet, after typing your title, DO NOT tap "go", "return" or "enter" on your keyboard. Simply tap in the body on the lower box to activate it. Again, it is active when the icons along the top turn black.

Click/tap the pink "Post Message" button when you are finished. Your post will appear as the second from the top, just under the session title post from the S&P Team.

You can also use the search function on the right side to "search this practice circle" to looking for your post.

Editing or Deleting a Practice Circle Post

Find your post you wish to edit or delete. You cannot edit or delete another users post.

Hover your cursor anywhere within your post (on a phone or tablet, tap anywhere in the body of your post), and you will see the links "edit" and "delete" appear in the upper right corner.

To Edit
Choose "edit" to amend your post making the changes in the box that appears with your text - (tap in post box if on a phone or tablet to activate it and make your changes)

To Delete
When you click/tap "delete," you'll get a confirmation window asking if you're sure you want to delete the post. If yes, your post is permanently removed.

Quoting Another Participant in the Practice Circle

1) Go to the post you'd like to quote or respond to.

2) Hover your cursor underneath the person's avatar picture (the circular picture to the left). A bubble saying "QUOTE" should appear. (On phones or tablets , tap anywhere in the post.)

3) Click or tap on "QUOTE." You will be taken to a posting box, but this time, between the title box and "your post" box, you will see a "Quote from Name…" It contains the full text of the message to which you are responding. You can leave it as is, or you can edit it to show only a segment of the message which you want to address.

4) Click/tap on the lowest box to type your response/comment. Finish by clicking/tapping "Post Message" as usual. The message that you have quoted will appear above your reply in a gray box that's scaled to fit, but from which people can click "Show more..." to see any further text.

Sharing E-Course Sessions with Friends, Family, and Colleagues

Your subscription to the retreat entitles you to receive, but not to forward, duplicate, or share the emails and other e-course content. So if you want companions for this journey, please encourage them to subscribe! Or you can give the e-course as a gift.

Traveling During an E-Course

Emails will still come into your inbox, and they will also be archived on your account page, so you can always resend them to yourself later if you wish. You can take part in the Practice Circle anywhere you have an internet connection. If you were without service during your travels, you have access to the Practice Circle even after the e-course ends so you can catch up on reading other participants' reflections, as well as the presenter's.

Still Receiving Promotions for E-Course After Subscribing

Even after you subscribe you will still receive promotions for that e-course. Unfortunately, we are unable to separate our list into those registered and those not. If you are worried that your order may not have gone through, you can confirm your order on your S&P account page. Look under "My Orders" and/or "My E-Courses." If it's listed there, you are all set.