For a long time I had hoped to make a film that would portray faith in a warm and genuine manner. I wanted to tell about us, the average people, in need of mercy and forgiveness for our shortcomings and about hope and respect for life that isn't always what we might have hoped for. But for a long time I felt that I hadn't found the right story for the film. Not before it literally thumped through the mail slot. Had I not been lying in bed and recovering from a cold (and a film project that had just failed), I probably wouldn't have taken the time to read the screenplay that came from an unknown writer.

The story of an encounter between a woman who has just gotten out of prison after serving a life sentence and Jacob, a blind priest, touched a nerve; finally a story that portrays, with both deep seriousness and subtle humor, faith as I know it, and a force that both inspires and encourages us.