"Once upon a time, in a far-away land" — and away we go to the classic story of Cinderella, a beautiful and good-natured young girl who yearns to find true love. Following the death of her father, Cinderella (voiced by Ilene Woods) finds herself a prisoner in her own house, subjected to the unreasonablenever make it to the ball until — guess who arrives with an enchanted wand and some good tidings?

This Platinum Edition is the first time Walt Disney's 1950 animated movie has been put to DVD. There is a universal quality to Cinderella's yearning that ought to connect with everyone. Directors Clyde Geronomi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske give plenty of story time to the skirmishes between the mice and Lucifer, the stepmother's nasty cat. But these little creatures have their moment in the sun when they move a key up a flight of stairs to liberate Cinderella just when she needs help the most. The disc extras include an animated menu with music, scene access with 24 cues, 6 original trailers, 2 deleted scenes, 4 documentaries, 3 featurettes, all new music videos, radio programs, and ESPN Cinderella stories. There is also a DVD-ROM game allowing you to design a princess outfit and a palace.