This snappy and clever computer-animated feature film zeroes in on the continuing adventures of Chicken Little, a character out of a long-ago fable who got in trouble for shouting "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" This tiny character is voiced by Zach Braff, star of the hit NBC series Scrubs and the writer, director, and star of the independent film Garden State.

Chicken Little finds himself a pariah after he causes panic in his community by claiming that a stop-sign shaped piece of blue sky had fallen on him. Others decide he's hallucinating after being hit on the head by one of the town's famous acorns. For the next year, the kids at school tease him relentlessly and all the mothers tell their children not to make eye contact with the crazy chicken.

Little's father, Buck Cluck (Garry Marshall), is a former baseball star raising the boy on his own. They don't talk much, and after the whole "the sky is falling" incident, Chicken Little is afraid he'll never measure up to Buck Cluck's high standards. Thankfully, this little tyke has some close friends who do think highly of him: Abby Mallard (Joan Cusack) who is nick-named Ugly Duckling; Runt of the Litter (Steve Zahn), a 900-pound pig; and our favorite, Fish Out of Water, a fish who survives by wearing a five-galloon bottle of water.

In order to prove himself to his father, Chicken Little decides to try out for the local baseball team. The results are surprising, and precipitate a beautiful father and son reconciliation. But will it last when the improbable happens again and another piece of the sky lands in Little's bedroom?

Director Mark Dindal and the animators are aiming to reach both adult and kiddie audiences with this one. Children will have no trouble identifying with Chicken Little and his desire to win his father's respect. Adult audiences will want to savor all the visual references to Steven Spielberg films as well as the movie-within-a movie device. They will also have to keep their eyes peeled for whimsical touches in the town of Oakey Oaks where chickens ride in egg-shaped cars, sheep are barbers, a cheese store is owned by mice, and the Mayor is a real turkey.

Special features include: Backstage Disney: Deleted Scenes including 3 alternate openings and Hatching Chicken Little — A "Making Of" Featurette; Games & Activities: "Where's Fish?" and Trivia Game; Karaoke Sing Along.