Jo Marsh (Mariel Hemingway) from Little Women has set up Plumfield School for Boys with her husband Fritz Bhaer (Chris Sarandon). They treat the children who are sent to them with respect, always believing that the best in them will surface. Two street urchins, however, test their patience and practice of hospitality. Nat (Michael Caloz) has a knack for twisting the truth around to suit his ends. And Dan (Ben Cook), his best friend, is a born rebel who enjoys challenging authority figures.

Rodney Gibbons directs this pleasant screen adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's Little Men. Jo and her husband Fritz have no rules at their school except honesty and a willingness to learn. The two outsiders challenge everything they believe in, and yet they accept them.

Here at last is a family film bold enough to treasure the inherent goodness of all children and to celebrate the virtues of nonviolence, honesty, and compassion.