Christine Van Buren (Jacqueline Bisset) is an alluring middle-aged woman who lives in New York City with her wealthy father. The only bright spots in her dreary days are her summer months in Saratoga, a beautiful resort where she can wile away the hours creating pottery. Much to her delight, Christine meets Theo (Peter Weller), a man she loved and lost over twenty years ago. However, her plans to spend the summer with him are waylaid by Alice (Amy Locane), a tradition scorning and flirtatious young woman Christine is meant to chaperon. Then, her father's illness forces her to return to the city. The Rev. Basil March (Julian Sands), whom she met at Saratoga, convinces the dying man to invest a large sum of his money in the construction of a glorious cathedral. When Christine returns to the resort, she learns Theo is engaged to Alice. In her heart, Christine still pines for him believing, as she puts it, "God works in strange ways his wonders to perform."

Veteran television producer Linda Yellen has written and directed this beguiling drama about reticence and romance. Jacqueline Bisset shines as a reserved woman whose heart is softened during her long wait for love.