The traditional split between the mind, the body, and the soul has troubled many people — especially those suffering from serious illnesses or ailments. Today, healing goes beyond the efforts of medical care and touches upon deeper matters. This 60-minute Canadian Film Board production explores the human journey through life and death.

Best-selling author Deepak Chopra says in an interview: "Science does a good job of understanding and treating disease at the level of cells and organs, but it neglects the whole person." A man dying of cancer explains how he is using his pain to get in touch with his higher self. A young boy whose body is riddled with cancer pays tribute to Dr. Bernie Siegel who has inspired him. He goes on to wage a war against the enemy that has invaded his lungs through imagery. Dr. Marion Woodman, a psychotherapist, talks about her own healing miracle and her soul work with others. A cellist discusses her descent into depression, and a man with AIDS reveals his reconnection with God during his journey toward death.