"There are only two ways to live your life," Albert Einstein once said. "One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is." Most of this one-hour video is focused on director Linda Hanick's interview with Dan Wakefield about his 1995 book. He believes in miracles that take place in the physical world and cannot be explained by the laws of science. He also is awed by the wonders of everyday life, the little bounties from God that we take for granted.

Wakefield shares some of the stories of miracles he has heard from Rabbi Harold Kushner, singer Judy Collins, novelist Reynolds Price, and some individuals who went to Lourdes for healing. He discusses his own survival of a near fatal accident and his experiences as a recovering alcoholic. The program also includes a profile of a husband and wife team of yoga teachers who view their love as a miraculous occurrence. In another segment, Dr. Larry Dossey shares his thoughts on prayers that have led to amazing recoveries among his patients.

In an informal poll conducted during the program, 98 percent of those responding said they believe in miracles. Wakefield concludes with a suggestion that we can prepare ourselves for life's wonders and surprises by setting aside our egos and be being totally open to whatever comes our way through God's grace.