Regret is basically a sorrow over a past alternative that was available to us but that we missed. Many people are tormented by what they imagine to be the consequences of a road not taken. Such is the case with Pamela Drury (Rachel Griffiths), a successful Sydney journalist who as a lonely singleton in her thirties believes she should have married Robert Dickson (David Roberts) thirteen years ago. In this engaging comedy, Pamela is miraculously dipped into her former lover's life as his wife and mother to their three children.

At first, Pamela experiences a sort of culture shock being plunged into a routine where lunches must be made, a child's bum must be wiped, and a daughter's first period must be dealt with compassionately. Having imagined that life is greener on the other side of the fence, our heroine is amazed to find out how chaotic, messy, and boring married life really is. She must lead the way sexually with her always-tired husband. And his best friend years ago, whom she always detested, now turns out to be her secret lover.

Written and directed by Pip Karmel, Me Myself I is a spunky and fresh exploration of the emotional clout of regret. Just before she dives into an alternate world, Pamela unsuccessfully tries to electrocute herself in a bathtub at home. By the time she returns to her single existence, her understanding of life has been transformed. Now she is ready for all the surprises that Ben (Sandy Winter), a prospective lover, can bring. Woody Allen once quipped: "The one regret I have in life is that I'm not someone else." In this comedy, Pamela learns to love herself a little bit more. That's the key to escaping from the crazy maze of "if onlys"!