This 87-minute documentary produced by Sridhar Steven Silberfein and directed by Michael Tobias provides an up-close and personal look at the life and work of one of the great living saints of India. Her extraordinary teaching and healing ministry is based on the practice of unconditional love. All those interested in the path of devotion will find plenty of inspiration on this video.

Born in a poor village in India, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, is known as Mother Amma. Her intense love for Krishna was a source of irritation and befuddlement to her parents. In various dramatic enactments of this young girl's constant worship, we see how her zeal made her an outsider in the community. But Amma persisted in her blissful state of being and eventually won over her parents to the nature of her mission to reflect divine love.

In the second segment of the documentary, many of the Holy Mother's devotees speak about her ability to lift the spirits of those she gives darshan to on a daily basis at her ashram. "Love is a basic need of life," Amma says. "Just as the body needs food to grow, the soul needs love to grow." Her legendary hugs are filled with healing power. Ammachi teaches that the ego must be left behind; she also talks about the importance of faith, grace, and following the heart.

This Hindu holy person does not seek converts but respects other religions. Her charitable work has led to the establishment of the second largest hospital in India along with various orphanages, hospices, schools, and colleges.