In the opening scenes of this romantic drama, Sharon (Jennifer Lopez), a Chicago police officer, helps keep the victim of an automobile crash conscious until help arrives. A year later, Catch (Jim Caviezel) is wandering the streets of the city like a homeless man. He is adrift in a sea of grief having lost his wife and son in the aforementioned accident. His life shattered and uprooted, he stands alone in a desolate landscape of strangers. He is overwhelmed with guilt because he alone survived.

When Catch saves Sharon's life, he pays her back for her act of kindness, which she doesn't remember. They begin a tentative relationship. But he's very cautious about revealing anything about the past. Sharon has her own burdens to bear. She has been banished from her family after saving her mother (Sonia Braga) from the violence of her father (Victor Argo). Now her brother (Jeremy Sisto) is continuing the tragedy of domestic violence in his home.

Luis Mandoki directs Angel Eyes from a screenplay by Gerald Dipego. In this unusual romantic drama, Sharon and Catch are lifelines for each other. Both of them are trying to come to terms with loss. He has to let go of the past, and she must accept exile from her family.

Lawrence Kushner, a rabbi who's written extensively on the surprising roles we often play in the lives of others, has noted: "Everyone carries with them at least one and probably many pieces to someone else's puzzle. Sometimes they know it. Sometimes they don't. And when you present your piece . . . to another, whether you know it or not, whether they know it or not, you are a messenger from the Most High." Here two lost souls, who desperately need someone to comfort them, each hold a piece of the other's puzzle. Time does not heal their wounds. It's their loyalty to life, discovered together, that enables them to start all over from scratch.