This romantic comedy, directed by Melvin Frank, is summery entertainment — sort of a gin and tonic film with a twist of lemon. George Segal is an American insurance adjustor stationed in London with his wife and two children. Glenda Jackson, who works in the dress designing business, is a divorcee with two kids. They meet in the park and are attracted to one another enough to set up a holiday together in Spain — without family from either side.

The subsequent comedy centers around their bungled affair, which turns out to be a sequence of difficulties — an intrusive acquaintance (Paul Sorvino), a car with clutch trouble, Segal's dislocated back, and deep personality differences.

The screenplay by Melvin Frank and Jack Rose is both literate and zesty. The gin and tonic fizz of the film comes from the comic style of Segal and Jackson — perfectly matched in a winning way. But the lemon twist that gives their love affair a touch of class in the beginning also pulls them apart in a bittersweet ending. Along the way, lots of laughs and a mild expose of the difficulties inherent in extra-marital affairs.