William Shakespeare'sOthello explores jealousy as a deeply rooted emotion that can distort our closest relationships.

In Venice during 1570, Desdemona, daughter of a powerful nobleman, elopes with Othello, a proud Moor who is one of the city's most awesome warriors. When Iago finds out that Othello has bypassed him and chosen another as his right-hand man, he begins to weave a web of deceit and treachery designed to bring down the two lovers.

Oliver Parker's screen version of this classic tragedy is passionate and powerful. Although Laurence Fishburne is convincing as the noble Othello, Kenneth Branagh steals the movie as the scheming, bitter, and cynical Iago. Anna Patrick as the villain's wife gives a fine performance in a small role. This interpretation of "Othello" gets high marks for its memorable delineation of the red-hot heart of jealousy.