This drama revolves around Sadie (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a third-rate rock singer whose talent doesn't match her high aspirations. After another setback in her career, she returns to Seattle where her sister Georgia (Mare Winningham) is a very popular folk-rock singer with a family.

Although they love each other, nothing good comes out of being close. Sadie gains her balance for a while after joining an old beau's band. She also marries Axel (Max Perlich), a fan who worships her. But not even he can stop her self-destructive ways.

Director Ulu Grosbard draws out an exceptional performance from Jennifer Jason Leigh. Her Sadie is a good steward of her own pain. In the film's most astonishing sequence, she gets on stage at a benefit concert and sings an eight-and-one-half minute version of Van Morrison's "Take Me Back." The emotional rawness of Sadie's rendition makes this one of the most unforgettable scenes in any 1995 movie.