For the Moment is an old-fashioned movie set in Manitoba during 1942 when pilots from around the world were being trained in Canada to fight against the Axis forces.

Lachlan (Russell Crowe), a romantic Aussie, falls in love with Lill (Christianne Hirt), a hard-working farm woman whose husband is already serving overseas. Zeek (Scott Kraft), a Yank flight instructor, wants to marry Betsy (Wanda Cannon), an industrious widow who plies an ancient trade in order to support her two children.

The film, written and directed by Aaron Kim Johnston, convincingly shows how men and women in love during wartime wrestled with the contradictory demands of loneliness, desire, conscience, community, and erotic passion. For the Moment beautifully evokes a special period in Canadian history and makes the most of the lovely rural landscape.