Angel Baby is an offbeat and riveting love story written and directed by Australian Michael Rymer. Harry (John Lynch) is a heavily medicated recovering mental patient who lives with his brother (Colin Friels) and sister-in-law (Deborra-Lee Furness) in Melbourne. While attending group therapy at a psychiatric clinic, he is swept off his feet by Kate (Jacqueline McKenzie). She is unsure he is "the one" until consulting Astral, her guardian angel who delivers messages through a Wheel of Fortune-like television show.

For Harry and Kate, love is a private universe where they are king and queen. Their passion for each other empowers them to move into an apartment on their own. Harry lands a job as a computer programmer. But Kate's pregnancy sets their love on a new course. In order to protect their child, they decide to stop taking their medications. They are willing to risk everything in order to bring their love child into the world. It is easy to see why Angel Baby won a slew of awards in Australia.