In Conspiracy Theory Mel Gibson stars as Jerry Fletcher, a New York cab driver who is obsessed with paranoid theories about sinister men of power who are manipulating events for their own benefit.

The only anchor in his life is his love for Alice (Julia Roberts), a Justice Department attorney whose father, a federal judge, was mysteriously murdered a few years back. These two are drawn closer together when Dr. Jonas (Patrick Stewart), a government psychiatrist, begins harassing Jerry. Suddenly, the man who sees conspiracy scenarios all around him finds himself under serious attack by malevolent powers that are really out to get him.

Richard Donner directs this fast-paced drama, filling it with antic moments that convey the craziness of urban life. In addition, screenplay writer Brian Helgeland has created in Jerry Fletcher a compelling character who swings wildly between fear and love. And Alice, like many of us, is a truth seeker who has a difficult time figuring out whom to trust in a world where everyone seems to be playing multiple roles. These well-realized themes more than compensate for the far-fetched finale of this thriller.