First Knight is a spectacular entertainment with a king-sized serving of romance, ritual, and adrenalin-pumping drama. In this lyrical and heart-affecting interpretation of the story of the Knights of the Roundtable and the dream of Camelot, Richard Gere is stalwart and sturdy as Lancelot, a fearless traveler of the open road. Julia Ormond's Guinevere of Leonesse is a passionate, courageous, and articulate woman who is set to wed Arthur (Sean Connery), a king who, in her eyes, "wears his power so lightly."

As the founder and spiritual architect of Camelot, Arthur yearns to savor his love for this lady but is hampered in the endeavor by Malagant (Ben Cross), a former Knight of the Roundtable with a thirst for power.

First Knight imprints itself upon our hearts as a bountiful meditation upon the passions of love, honor, and courage. Director Jerry Zucker pulls off a magnificent feat by making this ancient legend sing again. Finally, a standing ovation is due Jerry Goldsmith whose stirring music adds to the romantic clout of this fine film.