TV Nation: Double Feature consists of two volumes of Michael Moore's hilarious TV news magazine which was cancelled. The mischievous creator of Roger and Me, along with his sidekicks, satirizes some of the more egregious warps and foibles of our society. He kicks sacred cows and isn't afraid of squaring off with authority figures.

On Volume 1, Moore follows a Love Canal real estate agent who ispeddling homes in the toxic area; he shows how difficult it is to catch a cab in New York if you're black (Yaphet Kotto); he travels to Russia in hopes of dismantling the missile pointed at his hometown of Flint, Michigan; and he tries to give away some "corporate aid" to conglomerates who have suffered steep criminal and civil fines. Moore is a national treasure-a prophet who uses humor as a weapon to expose injustice, hypocrisy, and all-American shibboleths. The best bits on Volume 2 include Moore crashing hate rallies and spending a day with Michigan's militia.