"If you want to know someone's behavior, it raises 100,000 questions. I wanted to ask those questions and I wanted to know what the answers were," states Bill ( Jeremy Theobald), a seedy loner in London who sees himself as a writer. To fill up his time since he' unemployed, he is caught up in his voyeuristic habit of following people. One of them turns the tables on Bill and confronts him. Cobb (Alex Haw) is a well-dressed and confidant man who turns out to be a thief. However, he's not you everyday intruder.Cobb loves to break into people's flats and violate their privacy by peering into their drawers and private things. He's a bit of a philosopher as well stating that " if you take it away, you show them what they had." Soon Bill is Cobb's protégé, accompanying him and learning the tricks of his new trade. However, he gets into trouble over his head after falling under the sway of a mysterious blonde (Lucy Russell) who's involved with a nasty gangster. Suddenly Bill finds himself at the mercy of forces he can neither control or comprehend. In his debut as a filmmaker, Christopher Nolan has fashioned a mesmerizing neo-noir drama that is totally suspenseful. Here he uses the flash-forward and doubling back techniques so effective in his well-rceived Memento. This psychologically rich drama explores the shadow side of yearning where addiction turns into a trap with many painful lessons.