This presentation by the Dalai Lama was filmed in London at Barbicon Hall, where a translator was on hand to mediate the proceedings. The Dalai Lama sees the Four Noble Truths as the core of the Buddhist teachings.

Number One, we suffer, not only active pain but general discontent and uneasiness.

Number Two, the origin of our suffering is our craving and our clinging.

Number Three, there can be an end to suffering.

And Number Four, there is a path that leads to the extinction of suffering.

The Dalai Lama impresses with his clear delineation of the Buddhist path as a way of freedom, equanimity, and compassion. Robert A. F. Thurman, Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University, introduces The Four Noble Truths. This impressive video series reveals the Dalai Lama's skills as a teacher of sacred matters.