"The major problems of our time are all different facets of one and the same crisis, which is essentially a crisis of perception," Fritjof Capra wrote in his 1982 book The Turning Point.

Now his brother Bernt Capra has fashioned a unique film called Mindwalk which explores the scientific, social, and ecological questions raised in the book.

An American senator (Sam Waterston) with presidential aspirations and his friend, an expatriot poet (John Heard), visit Mont St. Michel, the medieval island fortress in France. There, they meet a physicist (Liv Ullmann) turned philosopher who has been doing a lot of thinking about a new way of looking at the planet's most serious problems.

For these three individuals, talking about the world of ideas and values is an adventure. Those of like mind will savor Mindwalk's smorgasbord approach to science, history, politics, the nature of evil, and the Gaia Hypothesis as a real treat.

Liv Ullmann, Sam Waterston, and John Heard manage to make mind-tripping both entertaining and edifying.