Caroline (Marisa Tomei) is a Minneapolis waitress who is constantly being dumped by her dates. Cindy (Rosie Perez), who works at the same diner, can't keep track of all her friend's failed romances.

Caroline is so busy looking for love in all the wrong places that she doesn't even notice that Adam (Christian Slater), the diner's bus boy, is her secret admirer. However, when he rescues her from an assault by two men one night, Caroline takes another look.

In Jewish mysticism, each soul has a destined mate, its "other half" with which it was once united. Only God, who has designed different paths for these souls, can bring them together. That's what happens in Untamed Heart, written by Tom Sierchio and directed by Tony Bill. Caroline and Adam are definitely soul mates.

She learns that he is a survivor of a childhood spent in orphanages. A loner with congenital heart disease, he clings to a nun's fairy tale account of his special background. As he overcomes his shyness, Caroline is able to relax into the relationship. They share intimate secrets and build each other's damaged self-esteem. "You're always staying away from love," Caroline tells Adam, "and I'm always chasing it." Eventually they find peace and well-being in each other's arms. Untamed Heart offers a touching meditation upon the spiritual concept of soul mates.