Frankie and Johnny stars Al Pacino as an ex-con who takes a job as a short-order cook at a Manhattan diner and falls in love with a hard-boiled waitress (Michelle Pfeiffer) who has suffered so many disappointments with men that she has sworn them off for good. This, of course, compels her new suitor to woo her relentlessly. Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman) directs Terrence McNally's screen version of his own play which has been opened up to include Hector Elizondo as the diner's owner, Kate Nelligan as a sexy waitress, and Nathan Lane as Pfeiffer's supportive next-door neighbor. Frankie & Johnny presents a convincing anatomy of urban loneliness. Even better, it reveals the fear and lack of self-esteem which keep wounded individuals locked up in the prison of themselves until someone — in the name of love — convinces them to free themselves.