"You can't always get what you want," goes the old rock song," but sometimes you get what you need." That seems to be true in Maid to Order. All Sheedy stars as Jessie, the spoiled daughter of a widowed Beverly Hills philanthropist. Fed up with her narcissim and irresponsibility, her father wishes she had never been born. Presto! Jessie wakes up one morning and finds she is down and out in Beverly Hills with no money, credit cards, or place to call home. Her otherworldly Fairy Godmother (Beverley D'Angelo) tells her to grow up. To survive, Jessie becomes a maid in the posh mansion of a talent agent and his wife. Can this princess stop thinking of herself long enough to recognize the needs of others? Through hard work and humble pie, Jessie gains a measure of self-respect. And with the help of her new friends — Audrey, a cook, and Nick, a chauffeur with a talent for songwriting — she begins to see the world with fresh eyes. Maid to Order is a snappy comedy directed by Amy Holden Jones blessed with a happy ending, some pleasant pop music, and the refreshing moral that the most precious things in life have no price, only value.