The Sea Gypsies is a thoroughly enjoyable "G" rated film. Seeing one of those nowadays is about as difficult as finding a four-leafed clover! Travis (Robert Logan), a winsome widower, sets sail from Seattle aboard his yacht on a worldwide journey. Accompanying him are his two daughters (Shannon Saylor and Heather Rattray), a woman reporter (Mikki Jamison-Olsen) who is going to write about their trip, and Mushroom, their dog. Once at sea, they discover a stowaway, a black boy (Cjon Damitri Patterson). When a storm shipwrecks them along the Alaskan coast, this extended family is forced to rough it in the wilderness. Writer-director Stewart Raffill maintains dramatic tension all the way through, presents some breathtaking scenery, and does a commendable job hurrahing family solidarity. Be sure to keep on the lookout for Sea Gypsies in your area!