Middle Age Crazy features Bruce Dern as a successful Texas contractor who, after turning 40, suddenly becomes uncomfortable with the burden of responsibility placed on his shoulders. Everyone relies on him — he has to take care of his mother following his father's death; his son wants to drop out of college; and his wife (Ann Margret) wears him out with her voracious sexual appetite and her need for his advice on all matters.

Dern flips out. He buys a $40,000 Porshe, steps into jeans and cowboy boots, and heads of to Dallas where he is remodeling a box at the Texas stadium. There he goes gaga over a Dallas Cowgirl (Deborah Wakeham) and begins the destruction of his marriage. Ann Margret turns elsewhere for sexual satisfaction.

Middle Age Crazy is good until about two-thirds of the way through. Screenplay writer Carl Kleinschmitt catches all the signs of mid-life crisis and Dern makes them credible. But the film's finale ties everything together too neatly — just like a predictable TV situation comedy.