Cheech and Chong live the doper's dream — no responsibilities, no plans for the future, plenty of available women, and an endless supply of joints. In Nice Dreams, their third flick, the zany twosome glide around in an ice cream truck dispensing goodies to rich customers. Two inept cops monitor Cheech and Chong's activities but their superior (Stacy Keach) has dropped out; he's content to sit in his office and smoke wild stuff.

This comedy zigzags from one incident to another, including a run-in with Cheech's old girlfriend and her muscular biker boyfriend "Animal," and a trip to a loony bin presided over by Dr. Timothy Leary. There is a funny bit in the institution when an inmate does an imitation of Jimi Hendrix. Equally humorous is a scene in which Chong is mistaken for Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. Nice Dreams is fashioned for the loony minded and the laid back.