George Hamilton keeps his comic winning streak going by substituting his Dracula cape for the mask of Zorro in this clever movie satire. He plays the twin sons of California's heroic champion of justice — the handsome Don Diego and Ramon (a.k.a. Bunny Wigglesworth). The latter had a flair for ostentatious clothes. Together they take on the Alcende (Ron Leibman), a power-hungry tyrant who taxes the poor beyond their capacity to pay. Alcende's wife (Brenda Vaccaro) throws herself at Don Diego, but Charlotte Taylor Wilson (Lauren Hutton), a crusading libertarian, steals his heart.

Director Peter Medak accomplishes the near impossible by drawing out an enchanting performance from Ms. Hutton. Hamilton is hilarious as the twin brothers. He capitalizes on both the comic verbal and physical dimensions of their character portraits. The film leaves its mark on the viewer: a "Z" for zestful and zippy entertainment.