Reviewing one's life can be a very enriching and edifying experience. Some individuals focus on the magic moments of childhood or youth, a time of innocence and possibility. Others examine the choices they have made at turning points in their lives. And there is always value in recalling the people and events that created a difference in the quality of one's days.

The Shell Seekers stars Angela Lansbury as Penelope, a 63-year-old English woman who has suffered a heart attack. She takes comfort in contemplating a painting of her mother and herself done by her father. At a birthday celebration, Penelope is shocked to discover that two of her children view her as an invalid and are anxious for her to sell her father's paintings so they can have a share of the money. A visit to another daughter in Ibizia brings her into contact with a young woman who will play an important role in her future. Penelope's return to Cornwall where she lived with her parents during World War II provides her with the perspective needed to put her life and legacy in order.

This is a fine screen adaptation of Rosamunde Pilcher's bestselling 1988 novel. This engaging drama presents some thought-provoking approaches to life review, mothering, the art of happiness, and the redemptive power of love.