In No Small Affair, Charles Cummings (Jon Cryer) is a precocious, oddball teenager who spends all of his time with photography. His mother (Ann Wedgeworth) pursues an affair with a droll fellow (Jeffrey Tambor), and his brother (Peter Frechette) weds a voluptuous girl (Elisabeth Daily), but Charles seem oblivious to the birds and the bees until he comes upon the beautiful face of a young woman in one of his photos.

When he happens upon her again — this time singing rock on a nightclub stage — Charles surrenders to infatuation. He requests and gets a photo session with the 23-year-old Laura (Demi Moore), who is dejected about losing her job at the club. After a marvelous day together in San Francisco, Charles comes up with a smashing idea to resuscitate Laura's career: investing $6000 of his own savings, he has her photo placed on top of 175 taxicabs. The result: a thousand salacious phone calls and one from a record company representative who wants to hear her sing. Laura triumphs and treats Charles to — guess what?

No Small Affair, photographed by the inimitable Vilmos Zsigmond and directed by Jerry Schatzberg, is a diverting romantic comedy which reveals a few new twists on the old chestnut of infatuation. Cryer is winning as Charles Cummings and Demi Moore sparkles as a chanteuse who helps the adolescent chirp his first love song.