This fast-paced, likeable and somewhat loony action-adventure fantasy is based on an original story by Steven Spielberg. Four wacky kids living in Astoria, Oregon, find an ancient map in an attic which they believe reveals the location of treasure left in the area 300 years ago by the pirate One-Eyed Willie. These pint-sized heroes don't' want the money for themselves: it will be used to save their homes from some greedy entrepreneurs who want to build their country club and golf course on the property.

Our four goonies are Mikey (Sean Astin), an asthmatic dreamer; Chunk (Jeff Cohen), a humorous fat kid; Mouth (Corey Feldman), a smart aleck; and Data (Ke Huy-Quan), a high-tech buff with a batch of James Bond-like equipment. They follow the map to an abandoned seaside restaurant which is being used as a hideout by the Fratelli gang (Ann Ramsey, Joe Pantoliano and Robert Davi).

The quest for the gold in an underground cavern leads to some dangerous adventures as the goonies (joined by Mikey's older brother and two girls) try to fend off the Fratellis and dodge the booby traps set up by the pirates of yesteryear. Director Richard Donner makes the most of the special effects details as the kids demonstrate courage and ingenuity. For a generation that may not have thrilled to the escapades of the Hardy Boys, this flick offers a contemporary equivalent with its special brand of humor, excitement and exuberance.