Have you ever had the feeling in a new place or situation that you've experienced it before? Over two-thirds of Americans say it has happened to them. Director and co-writer Henry Jaglom explores this phenomenon in his new film.

Dana (Victoria Foyt), a Los Angeles shopowner, is traveling alone in Israel when a mysterious woman (Aviva Marks) tells her a compelling tale of lost love. Instead of joining her fiance Alex (Michael Brandon) in London, Dana travels first to Paris and then stops in Dover where she meets Sean (Stephen Dillane). They both feel as if they've known each other before. These soulmates make love and then part, unable to handle the enchanted and swift nature of what has transpired between them. Their love is tested at a country home in London where Sean meets Alex and Dana encounters Sean's wife.

Deja Vu is one of Henry Jaglom's best films; it's a magical carpet ride into the mysterious world of love. As Dana struggles with a torrent of mixed feelings, Skelly (Vanessa Redgrave), a free-spirited woman, is on hand to speak out for the risks that must be taken in the pursuit of true intimacy. Our lives can be turned around in the blink of an eye by chance encounters. Although these events often seem too incredible to be true, they point to a universe of manifold connections.