Here is an odd, funny, and fine film by the always innovative German director Doris Dorrie (Men). Fanny Fink (Maria Schrader) is in a funk; she lives alone in a rundown housing project in Cologne and has an unrewarding job frisking female passengers at the airport. Her lonely life is turned around when she meets Orfeo de Altamar (Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss), an Afro-German psychic who is gay and full of life. He opens up new doors for her and she begins to see herself anew, especially in relationship to her domineering mother and a man she begins dating. Although Fanny attends a New Age class on "conscious dying" Orfeo is the one who introduces her to the rigors and rituals of departing from this world. Doris Dorrie takes many risks in this unusual film and most of them pay off. Nobody Loves Me speaks volumes about urban alienation, sexual politics, race, compassion, death, and ritual.