Photo Galleries

Sculptures by Frederick Franck A tour of Franck's artwork on the property of Pacem in Terris in upstate New York.
Meditations on Olympic Sports Poems by Frederic Brussat inspired by watching the Olympic athletes.
Winter in the City Photographs of New York City after a snowstorm in January 2011.
Shoe Fleur Photographer Michel Tcherevkoff who makes these whimsical shoes and purses from flowers and leaves.
Images from Talking to God Stunning photographs of individuals talking to God in their own ways in diverse settings.
A Gallery of Empathy Practice Photographs of Iraqi children taken by Americans who were part of Dominican and National Council of Churches delegations to Iraq before the war.
Images from Meinhard Craighead A selection from the Southwestern artist's Crow Mother and the Dog God, A Retrospective.
Put On a Happy Face Pop culture images to make you smile.